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Perrin is a skilled administrator culminating more than 10 years in the management of teams, training and entrepreneurship. He has tremendous experience in empowerment people having been conducting trainings in several countries. He is also now leading efforts in the enterprise STRATACEL serving as the sub Director General.
Perrin Kwenkeu
Geraud is a Researcher working for the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon. He is leading efforts at the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development. He graduated from the University of Buea with a Ph.D. in Zoology studying the life history and the distribution of the golden puddle frog Phrynobatrachus auritus. Previously Geraud had been involved in various projects across Central Africa working with different taxa. He is now looking forward to new adventures
Geraud C. Tasse Taboue
Delphine owns a Master degree in Forestry Sciences with a minor in Protected Areas Management from the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon. She has tremendous experience haven served as research assistant in various projects on mammals, birds, amphibians and she has also promoted awareness rising across the country. She has interest in community ecology and conservation of threatened biodiversity, particularly the distribution and dynamic of endemic species along the 'Bamenda highlands'.
Delphine Mamgue Fokoua
Branly obtained his M.Sc. in Applied Ecology and Wild Management in 2019 at the University of Dschang, Cameroon. He studied threats to Cameroon amphibians with emphasis onto the hunting and export pressure of Goliath frogs in Cameroon. He is interested in conservation biology to contribute in saving threatened species. He is really happy being part of this new initiative and is looking forward working in the field.
Branly C. Ntene Soh
Thibaut has a Professional Master in Environmental Sciences with a specificity to study environmental and social impacts obtain by the Higher Institute of Environmental Sciences in 2016. Conscious to adopt participative approaches in the efforts of environmental preservation, and looking forward to implicate all the citizen layers in such efforts, Thibaut has been orienting his carrier in work that have socio economic aspects.
Cedric Thibaut Kammogne
Fabrice is a finance expert in Cameroon. Building on a tremendous experience, Fabrice has been providing attractive finance tools to assist vulnerable ones. Fabrice graduated from the University of Buea in Cameroon and has over 10 years of experience in budgeting, budget implementation and follow up.
Fabrice Tiam
Sandrine is a Medical Doctor with close to 5 years of experience saving lives and helping the underprivileged. Her humanitarian side made the call to join ECoCaF must urgent. She is responsible for our humanitarian initiatives.
Sandrine Tagny Tchuente
Rodrigue is a graduate from the University of Buea. He studied physics as major course, with computer science as minor. He is the IT manager..
Rodrigue Tchuensu
Rodrigue Tchuensu

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