Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Today developing countries are also relatively well exposed to environmental destruction. The majority of population in these countries still think that preserving the environment is a question engaging only politics, a work that should be done solely by the ones governing them. It is therefore essential to bring back this question at the heart of citizen concern: Each person more or less degrade the environment and need to take action in the efforts to preserve it.

Today in the modern world, environmental education is an essential component of full and efficient education. This is building back a symbiotic relationship between human beings and their natural, sociocultural environment. Thus in the face of environmental concern, education becomes essential to the emergence of ecological responsible citizens. By providing necessary knowledge, environmental education encourages responsible attitudes and behaviors to preserve our environment.

Considering these, since 2014, we have been involved with the help of some of our members to involve various layers of our society in preserving the environment. We have been training pupils, students, youth, and adults in protecting the environment. We started by creating an environmental club at the secondary school IBAY (Yaounde-Cameroon) and this effort is ongoing and spread to other regions. Throughout our field visits, we share knowledge and tools to develop in local communities, eco-responsible attitude and abilities.

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